I'm a hopeless wanderer
I will learn to love the skies I'm under

miranda, 15. a girl who really, really loves musicals, especially those involving a bread stealing convict and attractive, french revoluntionaries.


He’s with me even now.


Move a mountain

Light the sky

Make a wish come true

There is music in you


Aaron Tveit + threatening cameras

#it kind of undermines him kicking your ass when he’s got that cute little floppy hair bouncing around over his forehead


Johnny Depp at the 52nd Golden Globe Awards 1995

Who says that murder’s not an art?


# this is heartwrenching by itself # but just fucking look at courfeyrac and combeferre in the second gif # courf just looks around with such a resigned look on his face # but even in the shadows you can see the sadness in his eyes # because it wasn’t supposed to end this way # and combeferre sees that and recgonises it # and there is so much emotion in his face # so much apology # because he’s so sorry that courfeyrac’s last moments on earth are spent bloodstained and terrified # and he crosses enjolras because he knows exactly how courfeyrac feels # because combeferre is /so/ not ready to die # and in that moment he knows that what the both of them need is the comfort of someone who shares in their fear # and that’s why combeferre is the guide # because he’s holding back tears # but he reaches out to courfeyrac # as if to say # it’s okay to be scared # we are young and this shouldn’t be it # but it is # and i am here

favorite musicals (in no particular order): the book of mormon

favorite musicals (in no particular order): the book of mormon